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Chandigarh Painter – False Ceiling Contractor was established with the aim of providing people with affordable yet effective services in these fields. Our unwavering commitment to providing the best services in Chandigarh has earned us plenty of positive reviews from our past clientele. Our service areas include not only Chandigarh but also Panchkula and Mohali. Our commitment has shaped our company in whatever it is today and has also acted as the driving force in making us on of the best in this field. Our team aims at providing the highest levels of service to our customers and we will stand by our right from the project discussion to completed installation. We provide our customers with the ultimate service experience through our commitment to teamwork. As a company, we care equally for our customers and our employees. We also care about perfection and we strive to make our work perfect. When we finish our work and customers love it, that is what drives us to do better work and make our customers happy. We also care about productivity and progress and we always try to bring newer technologies in our services. If you want to turn your mundane rooms into something trendy and fabulous, then you have come to the right people. Whether it is a remodeling work or a new construction, we can give your property the finishing touch you had always been looking for. With our array of services and our dedicated and experienced professionals, we will manage the entire process in an efficient manner and you will not have to worry about anything. We have always prided ourselves on the quality of service that we provide since our inception which has led to our impeccable reputation.

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Painting Services

If you are looking for hassle free painting solutions and an expert consultation then we, at Chandigarh Painter – False Ceiling Contractor, can help you out. When you hire us, you will get all the benefits of professional painting services. Some of the services that we provide are as follows –

House Painting – Imagine how your house will look when the paint is on point and your guests will walk into an aesthetically perfect living room? Do you want that for yourself? Then we can help you out. We have an array of house painting services where we not only give color consultation but also give you a brand new house by painting it. We can add elegance to your old rooms simply by giving them a pop of color and we can make your new rooms look even better.

Residential Interior Painting – A freshly coated paint looks good in every room. Do you want to revamp your living room? Are you confused about what color combinations to choose? Do not worry at all because we will help you with all of that. From kitchens and living rooms to bedrooms and hallways, we specialize in painting each and every corner. You can obviously go for monochromatic colors but you can also go for complementary or analogue color options. We also use paints of different textures to bring about a depth in your rooms.

Residential Exterior Painting – We use weather-proof paints in our exterior painting service so that your house remains as it is for years to come. You will not have the need to redo the paint in the coming years unless you get bored of the color combination. Our workers will also remove mold and mildew from your walls before painting them. With our service, you need not worry about any hidden costs as everything will be mentioned to you beforehand.

Commercial Painting – Apart from residential properties, we also paint all types of commercial properties. Whether it is just a single room or an entire office, we can do it all within your mentioned deadline. Bid farewell to those inefficient painters who took days and weeks to get a job done because our workmanship is the best in the market.

False Ceiling Services

We, at Chandigarh Painter – False Ceiling Contractor, are acknowledges as one of the best service providers of false ceiling. Our products are all highly durable and will last you for years. Some of the false ceiling services that we provide are as follows –

Gypsum board false ceiling – If you are looking for a false ceiling option that is not only easy to install but also fire-proof, then gypsum is the one for you. Our gypsum ceilings are acclaimed for their latest designs and durability. These ceilings are sound insulated too and they are also thermally insulated. You can use this type of ceiling to enhance the appearance of your bedroom or even commercial areas like showrooms and corporate offices. These ceilings have a flawless and lightweight finish.

Plaster of Paris ceiling – Our company is actively engaged in providing you with the best quality Plaster of Paris ceiling or POP ceiling services. The height factor of ceilings can be minimized with the installation of these ceilings. So, you can cut down on your electricity bill with the reduced usage of air conditioner. You can also easily create a cozy ambience in the room with the help of lighting and at the same time hiding all the wires. This type of ceiling is moisture resistant too.

PVC false ceiling – We are one of the trusted companies providing the best quality PVC false ceiling services. They are high in demand mostly due to their easy and fast installation process and also their low cost of investment as compared to the other false ceiling types. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Wooden false ceiling – If you want to add an aesthetic and traditional touch to your rooms, then you can go for wooden false ceilings. They are not only strong but you can also bring about a variety of finishes by painting them.

Glass ceiling – Glass false ceiling by use of frosted or tinted glass can give a trendy look to your décor. It will also help to create the illusion of depth and resist temperature fluctuations.

Why choose us

If you want to know why you should choose us for painting and false ceiling services, these points should answer your question.

A complete solution from planning to installation – If you are looking for someone who can conduct everything smoothly and in a seamless manner starting from planning the procedure to the installation of false ceiling or completion of painting, then we are the ones. We offer a complete solution to your problem and you will be getting it all under one roof. We also minimize any disruption of your normal and daily life. All you have to do is tell us your requirements and then you can continue with your work leaving everything to us.

Client-Focused Solutions – We understand the requirement of every client and what they actually want. Our solutions are not driven by any profits or self-growth. Our solutions are solely based on our clients and what they will prefer. Requirements often differ from one person to the other, one industry to the other and we completely understand that. We do not believe in a one-package-for-all concept and we customize the quotes for everyone based on their individual requirements.

Experienced and qualified professionals – With us, you can stay guaranteed about the professionals who are dealing with your project. They are all highly experienced and qualified enough to deal with such projects.

Professional and prompt approach – If you have a work that needs to be get done on an urgent basis, we have all our resources to help you with it. We will give everything that we have to that project to get it done within the deadline. If you want to move to your new place within a certain date and thus want to finish with the ceiling or painting work, don’t worry because we have got your back.